Attend Our Cooking Classes At Euphemia Haye | Best of “Things To Do” In Sarasota, Venice & Bradenton

If you are looking for “things to do” in Sarasota, Venice or Bradenton, Chef Ray’s Cooking Classes at Euphemia Haye should be on the top of your list. We call the cooking classes “Lesson Luncheons” because they are taught in a demonstration style; so what that means is, Chef Ray does all of the cooking and you do the eating and drinking! Each class begins with our freshly-baked banana bread and a bottomless cup of our insanely good imported coffee. There’s no skimping here – each guest will get to enjoy a luxurious lunch that includes three courses and each course includes a paired glass of wine. Guests will watch and interact with Chef Ray as he prepares each of three courses in our main dining room. The food Chef Ray prepares is always amazing but his quick wit and lively personality steal the show. The classes are for anyone who wants to learn something about cooking – whether you’re already a “foodie” or just a kitchen novice, Chef Ray says that everyone will learn some useful tips.

Duckin’ Out Again – Tuesday, May 10th or Wednesday, May 11th

The Menu:

  • Duck Liver Pate
  • Euphemia Haye’s Famous Roast Duckling
  • Chocolate Mousse

This is the class that I have done more than any other class, and there is a good reason! It makes me happy to know students are able to serve an amazing duck dinner for their family and friends.

We will with our homemade duck liver pate. Serve that with crudité and house made melba. It’s a delicious appetizer and a great way to use livers from the duck we are about to make. Remember what Julia Child said, “Save the liver!”

For the main course, you will learn how to cook our famous roasted duckling. We will make some delicious sage stuffing and my favorite sauce, raspberry walnut, to go with it. Mmmm

On to dessert! We will be whipping up what is, arguably, the best chocolate mousse you will ever taste. It is a very classic, versatile, and wonderful recipe.

Join us for the last class of the season.

Chef Ray

P.S. I do not know when classes will be starting in the fall, but I will be looking forward to sharing my summer inspirations with you!

There will be two identical sessions of this Lesson Luncheon. Be sure to make note of the date when signing up below. Class will begin promptly at 10:30 AM and we suggest arriving at 10:15 to check in, get your recipe booklet, and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with our homemade banana bread before class begins. 

Tuesday, May 10

Price: $65.00


Wednesday, May 11

Price: $65.00