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Euphemia Haye Menu & Haye Loft Menu

Chef Ray integrates classical training with his innovative flair and a love for fresh foods to provide consistently outstanding global and American cuisine. Our foods are all made-to-order. Our breads, stock, sauces, soups, dressings, and desserts are homemade on the premises. Our fish is freshly-caught and our beef is trimmed and chopped in-house. We are one of the few restaurants left where everything is made from scratch so our guests can enjoy a delicious and satisfying dining experience. Our carefully prepared a-la-carte menu allows for fresh, local, and creative fare for all, including our vegetarian diners and healthy-dining patrons.

Euphemia Haye Menu

AppetizersSalads  |  Vegetables  |  Entrees  |  Desserts

Haye Loft Menu

AppetizersSalads  |  Entrees  |  Pizzas | DessertsPrix Fixe


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