Vote for Euphemia Haye & Chef Ray in Local Awards!

Not only can Chef Ray prepare a mean roast duck (amongst many other delicious dishes), he also takes pride in teaching fun, entertaining cooking classes.  Beyond his culinary skills, Chef Ray puts his heart out there by helping local and national charities (including JDRF) and working with culinary students at Manatee Technical Institute.  He also cares deeply about his guests, making sure to be ever careful about his preparations so they can enjoy the best dining experience possible!  If all of these things sound good to you, vote for Chef Ray and Euphemia Haye in the following contests:


Edible Sarasota’s “Local Hero” Award!

Voting has now closed. Thank you for supporting Chef Ray and Euphemia Haye!









Sarasota Magazine’s “Best Of 2014”

Vote for Euphemia Haye in the “Best Romantic Restaurant” and “Best Special Occasion Restaurant” and vote for Chef Ray in the “Best Chef” category.  Click here to vote!




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