Congratulations to Jamie Gregorich for Sizzling Performance on “Hell’s Kitchen”

Come Taste Chef Jamie’s New Hell’s Kitchen Special “Duck Breast Framboise” at Euphemia Haye

Euphemia Haye wants to congratulate our sous chef Jamie Gregorich for the awesome job she did competing on Hell’s Kitchen, the rigorous cooking-reality show where 18 chefs compete against each other to become head chef at Gordon Ramsay’s New York City steakhouse, BLT.

On Monday night’s Hell’s Kitchen episode, Chef Ramsay unexpectedly asked Jamie to turn in her apron.  Just like the other “chef-testants” and viewers watching the show, Chef Raymond Arpke, Euphemia Haye’s owner and executive chef, was shocked by Ramsay’s decision to eliminate Jamie. “I was disappointed. Jamie got the shaft! I don’t think it was Jamie’s turn to go.” Chef Ray lovingly adds, “She’s a very talented girl. I’m very proud of her.” Jamie was also surprised by her elimination, “I was shocked beyond belief to have been sent home with no questions asked,” says Jamie.  “I felt upset…all I could do at the moment was cry.” Yet, she admits, at the same time she was also relieved.  “It was not an easy life that we lived out there! It was high stress both in and out of the kitchen.”  Jamie playfully adds, “I mean, just look at the drama queens who I had to live with 24/7!”

Chef Ray feels that Ramsay’s dismissal of Jamie was baffling and unexplained; he thinks she deserved to win it all. However, he admits he is selfishly happy that she will be staying here. “When she was accepted to be on the show, my biggest fear was that she would win the whole thing. I thought I was going to lose her.”  D’Arcy Arpke, Euphemia Haye’s co-owner and restaurant operations director, agrees. “The good news is; we get to keep her. I think it was a great life experience for her.” Chef Ray and D’Arcy are delighted that Jamie will continue creating exquisite dishes in Euphemia Haye’s kitchen as sous chef.

Chef Jamie is also happy that she won’t be moving to New York City. “I was a little nervous when I heard the prize for Hell’s Kitchen was winning a job in a town that is completely opposite of what I’m used to. I can’t even explain how excited I am to stay here in my humble abode and enjoy the sights and sounds of the beach life!”  She’s also excited to keep her spot as sous chef in Euphemia’s kitchen and a culinary instructor at Manatee Technical Institute. “My plans are to keep living the dream and continue my career at Euphemia Haye and teaching at MTI.”

We are happy to announce that one of Jamie’s culinary creations will be starring on Euphemia Haye’s Daily Specials menu.  Starting today, diners can order Jamie’s Duck Breast Framboise dish that she prepared on the August 8th episode of Hell’s Kitchen. The entrée includes a pan-seared duck breast glazed in a raspberry lambic balsamic reduction, beside a Stella Artois-braised fennel. Jamie says, “I think people will enjoy anything we serve at Euphemia Haye; but it’s not often that we run a special like this for people who want to try something new.” Chef Ray is also very pleased and proud to put one of Jamie’s dishes on the specials menu. “Duck has been our specialty for umpteen years. We’ve done a few things with duck over the years and now Jamie has created another.  People can now come taste her Duck dish and see why Chef Ramsay was wrong to eliminate her.” Jamie also adds, “It is an honor to have a dish that I created on such a prestigious menu. I feel respected and loved at Euphemia Haye.”

Jamie’s Hell’s Kitchen Special “Duck Breast Framboise” will be featured in Euphemia Haye’s downstairs dining room beginning today, Wednesday, August 17. It will run on the Daily Specials menu nightly through the end of August.  Jamie will be preparing the dish on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays.

To request an interview with Chef Ray Arpke or Chef Jamie Gregorich, please contact Amy Imerman at 941-524-7545.

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