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Chef’s Recipes

Anyone who has tried to make Risotto at home knows that it’s a notoriously difficult dish to successfully prepare. What you expect to be your most delicious creation ever can very easily turn into a big ball of gummy mush. So, how do you make the perfect risotto? Well, our own Chef Ray, from Longboat [...]

If you happened to see Chef Ray on the Daytime TV show, here is the delicious recipe he made with host Cyndi Edwards. Enjoy!  Chef Ray also says it makes a great vegetarian dish - just omit the chicken!   Ingredients: • 8 (4 – 5 oz) Chicken Thighs • 1 ½ Cups Pre-washed Traditional [...]

Want to know how to make stuffing?   This is Chef Ray's simple recipe for the most delicious stuffing that's perfect for Thanksgiving dinner! http://youtu.be/cM_iHZ7fBNE Ingredients: 3 Cups Seasoned Croutons 1 ⅓ Cup Chicken Stock ¼ tsp. Thyme 1 Bay Leaf 1 tsp. Rubbed Sage 1 Dash White Pepper 1 Dash Cayenne 1 Small Onion, [...]

No more cranberry sauce out of the can! Euphemia Haye's Chef Ray shows us how to make his delicious recipe for a Cranberry Salad - the festive starter for a romantic Valentine's Day dinner!  Watch the cooking demo video below. Ingredients: A spring mix of greens (approximately 1 oz. per person) 1 recipe of Cranberry [...]

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