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Gift Certificates

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Euphemia Haye gift certificates are the perfect gift for any occasion. Gift certificates are always available at the restaurant, or we can mail you a gift certificate purchased in our Shop. Need one fast? Online e-gift cards can be printed or emailed directly to a recipient.

E-Gift Cards

Mailed Gift Certificates



Gift Certificate FAQ

What information is needed when purchasing a Euphemia Haye gift certificate?

Please include the following information when filling out a gift certificate:

  1. Who the gift certificate is from
  2. Who the gift certificate is going to
  3. Where the gift certificate will be shipped
  4. Your billing information
  5. Any kind words you would like to include in the gift certificate


What’s the difference between a regular gift certificate and an E-gift card?

A regular gift certificate is hand-written and delivered via The United States Postal Service to a U.S destination of your choice.

An E-gift card is purchased online only, and you can print them out, email them as gifts, or redeem them from your mobile phone with the InstaGift app.


How long does it take a gift certificate to be mailed out?

Each gift certificate is sent out the day it is purchased, or on the following Monday if purchased over the weekend, and is delivered via standard USPS mail.  Allow some time for the gift certificate to reach its destination, as we do not have tracking numbers for our envelopes.


Can I purchase a gift certificate over the phone and pick it up later?

It is advised to have the gift certificate sent out vial USPS mail, unless you can pick up the gift certificate the same day.

If you purchase the gift certificate over the phone through the office and wish to pick it up later that day, hours of operation are Monday – Friday, 10:00am – 5:00pm.

If you purchased the gift certificate over the phone through the restaurant, you or the person to whom the gift certificate is issued to may pick it up from the hostess stand that evening.

***Once again, we do advise that you pick up your gift certificate at the time of purchase, or  have it mailed out to a specific destination at the time of purchase.***


Do gift certificates expire?

No, as long as the gift certificate is certified from Euphemia Haye, there is no expiration date.


Can I email a gift certificate to someone instead of delivering it via mail?

Yes! E-gift cards are perfect for sending a gift to someone you care about quickly with no wait time for delivery.


I received an E-gift card, instead of printing it out; can I redeem it from my smart phone?

Absolutely.  You will need to download the InstaGift app, enter an email address and pass word, and from there you will be able to redeem your E-gift certificate straight from your phone! just make sure the gift card is clear and legible.


I purchased the wrong type of gift certificate, can you credit my card and put it toward the type of gift certificate I wanted?

Our gift certificates are non-refundable. Please make sure that you are choosing the correct option (our handwritten gift certificate or the e-gift card) before finalizing any purchase. We use Instagift as the outside service that handles our e-gift cards. Should you have any questions about your e-gift card purchase, please contact